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Meticulous Grout Cleaning in Rhode Island

Your One-Stop-Shop for RI Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and grout cleaning in RI is a big job that takes the appropriate tools and detergents to render successful results. We hear horror stories from our customers all of the time who've tried tackling grout grime themselves. Save yourself the time and effort of trying to clean your grout with store-bought detergents that don't work, and call us instead. The Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island have been in business since 2002. We've got the experience your grout needs.

Did you know that we can restore even the funkiest tile and grout? Your tile may not even be its original color anymore, and you'll be amazed by what our team will reveal. Using products that are formulated for tile and grout is essential for protecting surfaces and blasting through years of grit and grime. You'll be amazed by the results, or you won't pay us a dime. Call our fully licensed and insured grout cleaners today to schedule an appointment.

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Professional Grout Cleaning Removes Years of Build-Up

Tile and grout cleaning in RI comes with many benefits, especially when professionally procured. Take a look at some of the incredible aspects of having your grout scrubbed by our team:

  • It brings back luster to your flooring & tiled surfaces, making them look brand-new again
  • Eradicates mold and bacteria from hard-to-reach grout cracks
  • Improves the look & cleanliness of your home
  • Professional grout cleaners won't damage your tiles as DIY cleaning sometimes can
  • We provide a deeper clean
  • Expert grout cleaning prolongs the life of your tiles
  • We get the job done quickly & efficiently while you relax
  • A cost-effective alternative to purchasing grout detergents and equipment yourself

Do you see? Hiring us to clean your tiles and grout professionally saves you time, money, and headache. We'll have your tiles sparkling in no time! Are you ready for a FREE estimate? Give us a call today!

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Now's the Time for RI Grout Cleaning!

Did you know the longer you allow mold, bacteria, and dirt to sit in your grout and on your tile, the more damage it is doing? Sure, you may sweep and mop your tiled floors or occasionally scrub your shower tiles and backsplashes, but that's not the same as a professional deep clean. Save your surfaces and the value of your home by hiring Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island to do the dirty work. You'll be happy that you did!

The biggest issue that we see is mold and mildew growing between tiles in the grout. Not only does mold discolor grout and look gross, but it is also a health hazard. Our experienced cleaning crew uses high-quality detergents that are tough on mildew and gentle on your tiles. We use high pressured hot water combined with eco-friendly soaps to blast through the dirt in your tile's tightest spaces. There's never been a better time than now to call us for pro grout cleaning in RI.

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How's Your Grout Looking Today?

Have your grout and tile seen better days? If so, you probably need deep cleaning grout services. We are hands down, the best grout cleaner in RI. You can count on our carpet cleaning company to apply perfectly formulated detergents to your tile and grout and remove nothing but the dirt and stains, leaving the surface intact and looking beautiful. You may even be surprised what the color of your tiles truly is! Many of our customers cannot believe how discolored their tiles have been.

Did you know that our company offers FREE consultations and estimates? We'll visit your residential or commercial property and determine what you need to have done and what the cost will be as a courtesy. We understand that nobody likes surprises when it comes to the final bill. If you aren't delighted with our services, you won't pay us anything until we make it right. We've been in business for two decades and have learned every tip and trick of the trade. When you hire Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island, you hire the best.



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The Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island offer various services, including tile and grout cleaning in RI, carpet cleaning, hardwood care, area rug washing, and commercial cleaning. If you have stains on your floors that won't come off, call our experts. We'll be happy to take a whack at the problem using our tried and true methods. If we can't clean it, nobody can!

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