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Professional Pet Carpet Cleaner in RI

Your Neighborhood Pet Carpet Cleaner in RI

Every pet carpet cleaner in RI knows that there will be some sort of "gift" left behind on the carpet at some point. Whether your dog is a puppy in training or a mature old fella, stains and odors happen. Do you have a cat or other small animal romping around your home?

They like to leave surprises behind, too. Our amazing pet carpet cleaners are here to save the day with high-quality detergents that target pet urine and odors. Did you know that your carpet might have pet urine spots that have dried and aren't visible?

We are able to uncover these spots using a special light. There is hope for your pet stained carpet! Before you make an appointment to have your carpet replaced, give Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island a call first and let us work our magic. We've got a feeling you're going to be amazed by the results. 

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RI Pet Carpet Cleaning Services Save Your Money & Sanity!

Our furry babies mean the world to us, even when they leave you wondering, "How do I get dog pee out of my carpet in RI?" Our professional carpet cleaners can answer that question for you! Now, you might not think professional carpet cleaning isn't necessary because you can buy pet stain remover at the store, right? You certainly can, but you won't get the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning session.

  • Bacteria elimination - When your pet does his business on the rug, the waste seeps into the fibers of the material causes harmful bacteria to grow. A professional uses soaps that kill bacteria and removes odors
  • We Remove the Entire Stain - On the surface, you may only see a tennis ball-sized stain, but when our pros use their special light identifying tools, it normally uncovers a much larger stain that needs to be removed
  • We stop stain reoccurrence - Have you ever cleaned a pet stain, and it seems to reappear after a while? Pet urine creates a residue on your carpet, and if the right cleaning products aren't used, the residue isn't eradicated. Any moisture in the air will make the stain reappear. We prevent that from happening by cleaning the stain right the first time

So, there you have it. The benefits of having your carpet professionally cleaned are many. Yes, our fees are a bit more than a $7 can of stain remover, but we guarantee you'll never have to clean that spot again or rip out your carpet.

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It's Best to Let Our Expert RI Cleaners Address Pet Stains & Odors ASAP!

Did you know that when your pet pees on the carpet, it is vital the mess is cleaned up immediately to prevent the odor from traveling through your entire home? Dog and cat urine is pungent and can bake itself into your furniture and curtains. Our company is the best pet urine remover in RI.

We use products that don't just mask the stains and odors but actually eradicate them. All of our detergents are specially formulated to deter your pets from continuing to pee in the "potty" area. Sometimes, dogs and cats will return to a spot that they've "christened" because they can smell the urine and think that the area is OK to do their business at.

Once we clean the area, they will no longer smell the urine that was once there. Say goodbye to a repeat offense! Remember, the quicker you get professional pet stain removal services, the better off your entire home will be, guaranteed.

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We're the Pet Carpet Cleaners You've Been Looking for in RI

When it comes to pet stains and odors, the Rhode Island Carpet Cleaners don't fool around! We know that the unfortunate scent of dog pee can linger through an entire house, making it smell dirty and unkempt. Don't even get us started on the horrors of cat urine. Yikes!

However, we have good news, so don't worry. Our professional team of carpet cleaning superheroes has a system in place to restore the beauty of your carpets and swiftly remove and nasty odors. Our methods allow us to penetrate the many layers of your carpeting so that we extract every last bit of pet urine from its fibers.

Are you ready to take a chance on us? We look forward to making your carpets clean, soft, and beautiful again.



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