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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Rhode Island -- Steam Cleaning You Can Feel!

About Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Rhode Island

Our company has been making the carpets, rugs, tiles, and upholstery sparkle and shine for years. You can count on our experience, dedication to our work, and integrity. Every job that we do we give 100% of ourselves. So when you hire us for professional carpet cleaning Rhode Island, you are hiring the best in the business. Our family-owned and operated company desires to treat you like one of our own, so we'll do all that we can to ensure your carpets get the attention that they deserve. We can take carpeting that has been stained up and dirty from years of wear and tear and turn it into something amazing. There isn't a stain out there that is too tough for our team of carpet cleaning connoisseurs to tackle. We have high-quality detergents, tools, and equipment to complement our cleaning efforts. All of our soaps are safe for you and your family to be around, as well as your pets. Know that when it comes to carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island has you covered. 
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Expert Carpet Cleaning Services Improve Air Quality

A lot of people don't know this, but when your carpets are infested with pet hair, dander, bacteria, and dirt it can cause allergies to occur. If you already have allergies then these things can make them worse. People who are living with asthma can see their symptoms exacerbated by being around dirty carpeting. We don't want you to feel bad and this isn't a guilt trip. Grit and grime often hide in the fibers of your carpeting and you can't see them because they are microscopic. Yes, these nasty little germs still hide in your carpets even after vacuuming or shampooing your rug using a steam cleaning machine from a local rental store or purchasing one. Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island have equipment that uses steam and hot water extraction to totally blast the bad stuff out of your carpets, leaving them fresh, clean, and improving the air quality in your home or commercial property. Our carpet cleaning company also uses detergents that are specifically formulated for killing odor-causing bacteria.
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Now is the BEST Time for Carpeting Cleaning in RI

We know you are busy and have a lot going on in your life. The thought of having carpet cleaners invading your space for hours on end probably doesn't sound like a good time. However, we want you to know that our carpet cleaning technicians work very fast and efficiently. We will be in and out of your home within a few hours depending on the amount of carpeting we will be tending too. Commercial spaces tend to take a little longer, but we are still faster than the competition and way more convenient than you having to do it all by yourself. If you're feeling a nagging tugging in your mind that your carpets probably should be cleaned, go with it, because that feeling is probably true. 

There's no time like the present to get your carpets cleaned by our professional carpet cleaning company, who have all of the tools and detergents to get your carpets sparkling clean at their fingertips. 

Let us take the burden of carpet cleaning off your hands. You deserve it! Get in touch for your free, no obligation quote today!
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Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Business - Count On Us!

It isn't often that a cleaning company you can trust comes along. After all, you are allowing strangers into your home and trusting them to respect your property. It is our duty to make you feel comfortable and to know that your best interest is at the forefront of what we have to offer. Each of our employees has had numerous hours of on-the-job training both in carpet cleaning and customer service. You can count on us to treat your home or commercial property just like it was our own. 

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we take pride in being completely transparent with our clients. If you have questions or concerns about our methods, tools, detergents, or other cleaning services, please feel free to ask. Again, we are coming into your space and cleaning things that are important to you. Carpeting is a big investment, so we understand your need to be a part of the process. We are honored that you chose Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island to help breathe new life into your carpeting by applying tried and true methods that we know work well. After all, we've been in the carpet cleaning industry for decades!

Pet Stain & Odor Removal for Your Four-Legged Family

We're your friendly neighborhood pet carpet cleaner in RI. When man's best friend has left one too many surprises on your rugs, and you think they're beyond help, we are here to prove you wrong. Our carpet cleaning services are nothing less than magical. We use industrial-strength cleaning detergents coupled with heavy-duty equipment that scrubs away pet stains and odors so well it's as if they never existed. Don't worry! Our soaps are powerful, but they won't harm your pets or family. They are specifically designed to target tough stains that store-bought detergents won't touch. We're here to restore the beauty of your carpets with professional carpet cleaning service.
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A Local Carpet Cleaning Service in Providence, RI & Beyond!

We are proud to announce that we bring professional carpet cleaning to Rhode Island, not just our home base in Providence. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality carpet cleaning in RI. So if you're in need of carpet cleaning in Bristol, Portsmouth, or Cranston area, please reach out to our friendly staff today to make a carpet cleaning appointment. We also offer FREE estimates and encourage you to fill out the form her eon our website. We've spent years mastering our carpet cleaning procedures and we think you'll really enjoy what we can do for you. It doesn't matter if you've had a red wine stain on your white carpet for years; know that our team of carpet cleaning experts can get it out. 

There's truly no job too big or too small for our crew of dedicated employees. It's an honor to remove stains from carpeting that nobody else could budge and see the look of relief and joy on our client's face. Will you be our next success story? Our carpet cleaning service isn't limited to carpets; We also offer upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and more.


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"Three words to describe this carpet cleaning company: On-time, professional, and EFFECTIVE. My carpets look brand new! Thank you Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island!
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Other Interior Cleaning Services

Our crew offers so much more than just carpet cleaning in RI. In fact, we have quite a menu of services to offer the residents of Providence, Portsmouth, Bristol, and Cranston such as upholstery cleaning and area rug rejuvenation. Get in touch with our carpet cleaners today by calling (401) 496-9106, or filling out our online form for your fast quote!

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