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Affordable Carpet Stain Removal for RI Homeowners

You've just poured yourself a glass of red wine, and within minutes you see it spilled all over the rug. No worries! It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, our team specializes in carpet stain removal in RI. 

We utilize a combination of equipment and stain removal solvents to quickly get the reminder of your clumsiness faded into the background of your memory. We're licensed, insured, and experienced for your peace of mind. 

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Why Have the Pros Remove Stains From Your Carpets?

It's easy to lapse into panic mode when your dog (or toddler) piddles on your carpet leaving an unsightly stain. You might find yourself reaching for that big box store stain spray only to find that it makes the situation worse. 

Hiring our expert carpet cleaners prevents that from happening and is:

*Fast & Effective
*Not Labor-Intensive for You!
*Great for Improving Indoor Air Quality
*Ideal for Prolonging Carpet Longevity
*Backed by Exclusive Company Guarantees

When stains hit your floor, turn to us for the help you need!
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Got Stains On Your RI Carpets? Call Now for Prompt Removal!

The longer you allow a stain to remain, the harder it is to remove. That's why calling us right away ensures the best possible outcome for your carpeting. We're known as the best carpet cleaner in RI because we use products that target stains all the way down to the carpeting fibers. 

So think twice before ripping up your stained rugs and purchasing something new. Chances are, our crew can make your carpets look stain-free and new using our tried and true cleaning tricks.
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We Give New Meaning to Carpet Stain Removal in Rhode Island

Anyone can claim to be a professional carpet cleaner. However, Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island has actually put in the work to become Rhode Island's most reputable steam cleaning company. We never use subpar products or tools because our customers deserve the very best. 

When you hire us for carpet stain removal, you can bet the farm that those stains will no longer be staring you in the eye once we're through. So take a chance on our team today and get on our schedule!


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"Three words to describe this carpet cleaning company: On-time, professional, and EFFECTIVE. My carpets look brand new! Thank you Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island!
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Explore All Of Our RI Steam Cleaning Services

The Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island are happy to deliver its customers a wide range of carpet and rug cleaning services. We also offer floor refinishing, upholstery cleaning, and commercial steam cleaning. You can learn more about our services by visiting our blog, emailing us, filling out our online form.

Your Home or Office Won't Clean Itself!

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