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High-Quality Area Rug Cleaning in Rhode Island

Innovative Area Rug Cleaning in Rhode Island

Area rug cleaning in Rhode Island is much different than carpet care services. If you didn't know, area rugs are made from different fibers, and are often more delicate than your standard carpeting material. This holds especially true if you have oriental, Persian, or antique heirloom rugs. Our team of competent area rug cleaning specialists has the experience and knowledge to effectively clean your rugs without harming their integrity in the process. We use detergents that are tough on stains but easy on your rug's fibers. Our equipment is modern and our team knows how to effectively use it without fail. You'll be surprised by how bright and clean we can make any lackluster area rug. 

We also understand that most rugs of this style are for decorative purposes and that you don't want your decor looking dank and dingy. So, count on the experts' of Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island to totally transform your area rugs back into the works of art that they truly are. Call today or fill out our online form for free estimates!
area rug cleaning rhode island
area rug cleaning rhode island

Bust Bacteria With Our Oriental Rug Cleaning 

Did you know that area rugs harbor hidden germs? Yep! Bacteria, especially when area rugs are located in places with high moisture content, can become literal Petri dishes for mold, mildew, and even fungus. You can shampoo and vacuum your area rugs until your heart's content, but if the right detergents and tools aren't used the bacteria will continue to grow. Our team knows exactly how to blast bacteria out of your area rug fibers by applying industrial strength cleaners that are bad for microbial entities and good for your rugs. This process involves using super-hot steam, hot water extraction, and experience. 

We have all three. It is important that oriental rug cleaning in RI is performed regularly and by a professional carpet cleaning company who know all the tricks of the trade. There is no sense is trying to tackle this task on your own because it will end up costing you more money, time, and effort in the long run. Plus, you don't want to run the risk of harming your amazing area rugs. Get in touch today to learn more about our cleaning process for oriental rug cleaning!
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Regular Cleaning of Area Rugs Preserves Their Longevity

It's often tempting to forgo regular area rug cleaning in Rhode Island, especially when your rugs don't look dirty. However, area rugs require regular care as to preserve their quality, especially antique or expensive rugs from other countries. Dust and dirt can settle into your rug's fibers and attach deep down into the rug. This can weight down your rugs and cause bacteria to grow which leads to odors forming. 

Our carpet cleaning company has the experience and drive to clean and refresh your area rugs to a like-new state using high-quality detergents, equipment, and tools. You will be amazed by how different your area rugs look after a fresh, deep cleaning. There may even be stains on your rugs that you never knew existed because they simply blend in with the pattern and color. It's best to hire a professional company, such as ourselves, to provide rug cleaning services to your precious investments to ensure they are being appropriately cleaned. Give us a call and learn why we're #1 for carpet cleaning!
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You Need Area Rug Cleaning in Rhode Island

We aren't trying to be dramatic or sway you, but let's face it, area rugs are not cheap. When you pay a ton of money to decorate your home with a gorgeous area rug, it only makes sense to properly care for it by utilizing an expert carpet cleaning service. Carpet Cleaners of RI has the tools and experience to keep your area rugs in tip-top shape. Sure, you could go to the convenience store and rent a popular brand of steam cleaner but this type of equipment isn't appropriate for the delicate fibers of an expensive area rug, especially Persian and oriental. The detergents are a whole different story. You need high-quality detergents that only professionals have access to in order to effectively and safely clean your rugs. We understand that this is a lot of information to take in but we really do care about your area rugs and keeping them neat, clean, and pristine for a lifetime. Area rug cleaning is definitely something to consider.

After all, what if you need to remove pet urine? You need trustworthy, trained technicians to call!

We're Your Local Rug Cleaners!

Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island takes great pride in being able to offer our cleaning services, including area rug, upholstery, and carpet cleaning in Cranston, Providence, Portsmouth, Bristol, and the entire state. We believe that everyone should have access to great carpet cleaning in RI. You can count on our carpet cleaning company of area rug cleaning experts to breathe new life into your rugs and carpets. You won't believe how great we can make your rugs look until you see it for yourself. 

Our methods are tried and true and we are excited to show you what we're made of in your local area. Our company is fully stocked with all of the tools, equipment, and soaps that we need to bring "the clean" to your residential or commercial properties. Do you have oriental rugs in your home? We can clean them! Perhaps, you have area rugs at your lake house? No problem! Our carpet cleaning business has your back. When you hire our experienced crew you are hiring greatness, guaranteed! Schedule carpet cleaning services today!
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Area Rug Cleaning & Other Professional Services

Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island offers a variety of professional cleaning services that you and your loved ones can count on! From carpet cleaning in RI to hardwood floor refinishing, our hardworking crew has the patience and determination to make your property look like new again. Call us at (401) 496-9106 to schedule any of our home cleaning services!

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