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All About Oriental Rug Cleaning for Homeowners

November 1, 2019

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Oriental rug cleaning is a delicate process that involves specific techniques to ensure their longevity and gorgeous appearance. After all, these rugs are typically used on a daily basis in your home or office and are subject to wear and tear. Let's keep them looking great with appropriate cleaning measures.

When you take on the task of oriental rug cleaning you need to be aware of some things first. These types of rugs aren't cut from the same cloth as standard carpeting. We're going to give you some valuable oriental rug cleaning tips you can count on.

oriental rug cleaning

Is There a Method to Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Yes! Did you know that the first stage of oriental rug cleaning involves removing any dry debris from the fabric? Many times, dust particles and airborne contaminants adhere to your rugs and they need to be shaken off.

Next, you should vacuum your oriental rug using a high-quality vacuum cleaner that features an area rug function. Using too high of suction can damage your rug's delicate fibers.

If your rug has stains you should choose a mild detergent that is ideally formulated for oriental rug cleaning purposes. If the stain on your rug is major, consider consulting with a professional carpet cleaner.

A trickier method to oriental rug cleaning is called "watering down". This requires you to take your rug to an area (preferably a clean spot outside) and gently spray the rug with your hose until it is saturated. This method is good for the wool, silk, and cotton fibers of the carpet. Once done, leave the rug in a breezy area to completely dry before bringing it back into the house.

How Do You Maintain Cleanliness After Deep Cleaning?

Oriental rug cleaning should only need to be performed quarterly if you commit to weekly rug grooming practices. This means that you need to pay attention to the fringe of your rug as well as its top and bottom. Using a rug brush, gently pull through the fringe to straighten and untangle the fibers.

There are special brushes made specifically for oriental rug grooming and you can find them at your favorite carpet care outlet.

Oriental Rug Cleaning is Important

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It truly is! You've invested a lot of money into your oriental rugs and they need to be properly cared for or else your hard-earned cash goes down the drain. Oriental rug care doesn't have to be complex if you perform it regularly.

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