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May 11, 2023
How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets: A Comprehensive Guide

Investing in the best carpet cleaner for pets ensures clean floors even with a four-legged family member! However, not all at-home carpet shampooers are alike. In turn, it’s vital to choose one that suits your needs as well as your budget. To choose the best carpet cleaner for pets: Decide if you need one for […]

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May 8, 2023
Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove All Pet Odors?

If you’re a homeowner asking, will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors, you’re certainly not alone! Many families don’t feel complete without their four-legged companions, but owning a pet isn’t without challenges. Keeping carpets and upholstery clean and odor-free is often one such issue many pet owners face. DIY carpet shampooing and steam cleaning are […]

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May 1, 2023
Ultimate Cleaning Solutions for Ceramic Tile Floors (Genius Methods)

Ultimate Cleaning Solutions for Ceramic Tile Floors (Genius Methods) Are you a homeowner wondering what is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Ceramic tile offers a durable, attractive surface under foot but needs proper cleaning to avoid damage and clouding. Additionally, the wrong cleansers can leave behind […]

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October 4, 2022
Best Things to Do at Night in Providence, RI (Local Guide)

There are lots of things to do at night in Providence, RI, and its surrounding cities. Along with area restaurants and other attractions, the city usually offers plenty of special festivals, concerts, and other events throughout the year. If you’re looking for some suggestions when it comes to evening plans, keep reading! Also, be sure […]

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July 11, 2022
How to Refinish Hardwood Floors in RI (Professional Advice)

Professional hardwood floor refinishing in RI homes provides an updated look you’re sure to love. Additionally, refinishing helps remove ground-in dirt, scuff marks, and other damage. However, it’s vital that homeowners leave this work to professionals or ensure they know how to manage it properly! Improper refinishing techniques can damage or even outright ruin those […]

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February 22, 2022
The Best Homemade Tile Grout Cleaner for Your Home

Regular tile cleaning in your home keeps both tile and grout from discoloring over the years. Additionally, deep cleaning ensures a more hygienic surface in the kitchen and bathroom! However, you might exercise caution when finding the best homemade tile grout cleaners. Not all offer an effective clean and some can damage your tile grout. […]

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February 24, 2021
What Is Upholstery Cleaning for Rhode Island Properties, & Is It Worth It?

Regular upholstery cleaning for Rhode Island properties is vital for keeping furniture looking its best. Professional cleaning removes mold, mildew, food and other stains, and unpleasant odors. Not only will furniture look clean and pristine, but regular cleaning also helps avoid premature wear and tear! So, let's explore "what is upholstery cleaning?" Professional upholstery cleaning […]

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January 17, 2020
What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method for Your Home?

Homeowners today have more options for finding the best carpet cleaning method than ever before, and each offers its own advantages. For example, bonnet cleaning is very quick and affordable and perfect for light cleaning of carpets, while steam cleaning is a better choice for killing germs and developing mold and mildew. Choose to shampoo […]

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January 17, 2020
How Much Should Carpet Cleaning Cost in Rhode Island?

Whatever your carpet cleaning cost in Rhode Island, it’s vital that homeowners schedule this work as often as needed. Regular, professional carpet steam cleaning in Rhode Island not only contributes to healthier indoor air quality but this service also helps preserve the life of a home’s rugs as well! What's the Carpet Cleaning Cost for […]

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November 15, 2019
How to Clean a Wool Rug

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your decor is to invest in a wool rug? This style of rug is perfect for hardwood floors as it feels warm under your feet and looks gorgeous with just about any theme. But, how do you clean a wool rug? We're […]

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