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Different from other carpet cleaning companies in RI.

When it comes to interior floor cleaning, our company stands out in a variety of ways. First, our mission is to make complete home cleaning more accessible through completely free estimates, an extensive service menu, and affordable prices. Our technicians are trained and vetted to high quality standards, yet offer a friendly and personal touch.

For more information about our company, or to start your FREE, no-obligation quote, simply fill out the form at the top of this page or call us directly. We look forward to working with you!
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Carpet Cleaners In RI With Top-Notch Services!

When it comes to carpet cleaning in RI, you can depend on our professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail.

Carpet Cleaning in RI

Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island take pride in providing our customers with high-quality carpet care. Our methods are tried true and proven to get set-in stains out of your life! We remove the dirt that others cannot!

Expert Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are a breed all of their own and require very special attention due to their delicate nature. Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island has the tools, detergents, and patience to bring the luster back to your rugs.

Ultimate Upholstery Cleaning

We are so much more than just professional carpet cleaning in Rhode Island! If you've got upholstered furniture that needs rejuvenating, turn to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff for cleaning services.

Top-Rated Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are burdensome and time-consuming to clean so let our staff do the dirty work for you! We have the skill and equipment to blast through set-in dirt, grime, and bacteria. Your tile has never looked so polished!

Pro Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Sometimes, hardwood floors need a face-lift and we're just the crew to give it to them. Our methods have been perfected over the course of 18 years and they work like magic. You're going to love how your floors look!

Reliable Commercial Cleaning 

Could your commercial property use a little extra TLC? Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island is at your service! We love to make your carpets and surfaces shimmer and shine like they did when they were brand new!


See what our customers have to say:
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"Three words to describe this carpet cleaning company: on-time, professional, and EFFECTIVE. My carpets & area rugs look brand new! Thank you Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island!


An In-Depth Look at Our Rhode Island Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island is much more than just a carpet care company. We offer a variety of helpful cleaning services that YOU can depend on!
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Professional Carpet Cleaning in RI You can Count On!

When it comes to making carpets look amazing, you can count on the professionals at Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island. We've created a unique protocol for getting stains, dirt, and bacteria out of your carpeting that many have tried to copy but can never duplicate. You see, our team has years of experience of invaluable service behind us, and with each passing year, we continue to learn and grow more and more. It's important to us that you and your family come home to clean, fresh carpeting. Anyone can sprinkle some carpet cleaning powder on the floor and call it good, but we believe in deep, professional carpet cleaning methods that totally blast through odor-causing microbial bacteria. When we're done applying our expert cleaning treatments to your carpets you'll be nothing less than amazed.

Our One-of-a-Kind & Simple Area Rug Cleaning Process

Area rugs are different from carpets because they are made from more delicate fibers and their overall structure is often weaker than your standard carpeting. Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island usually tools and equipment that are specifically designed for Oriental, antique, and expensive area rugs. We understand that your area rugs are part of your home's decor and that you want them to look amazing.

Our dedicated and skilled team of carpet cleaners wants your rugs to look amazing, too. Our detergents are tough on stains but gentle on your rug's surface. You can bet that we'll take your lackluster area rugs and turn them into something dreams are made of, guaranteed. For area rug cleaning, look no further than the experts at Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island.
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upholstery cleaning ri

In Addition to Carpet Cleaning in RI We Also Perform Upholstery Care

Your furniture is important. Whether you have upholstered items that are purely decorative or they are used in your family room, Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island can make them look great again. We use methods for removing set-in stains that we've perfected for many years. Anyone can rent a steam cleaner and go to town on their furniture but that doesn't get to the source of the problem. Many times, stains are caused by bacteria and they need to be dealt with appropriator or you risk making the stain worse. Our professional carpet cleaning company in Rhode Island takes explicit care to apply upholstery cleaning measures that are appropriate and effective.
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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Rhode Island that is Superior!

Hardwood floors, if not taken care of properly, can breakdown really quickly. Sometimes, applying cleaning products simply doesn't cut it and the floors never regain the luster they once had when they were first installed. That's when it's time to call the cavalry of hardwood floor refinishing connoisseurs. One of our specialties, in addition to carpet cleaning in RI, is refinishing hardwood flooring. We apply a special treatment after preparing the wood to make scratches, smudges, and stains virtually non-existent. Our team of experienced hardwood flooring technicians work quickly and efficiently to give your floors the complete makeover that they deserve in record time.
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tile and grout cleaning ri

Time for Tile & Grout Cleaning? Call Carpet Cleaners of RI

It's safe to assume that no homeowner enjoys tile and grout cleaning, especially in places like the bathroom, laundry room, or basement. These moist areas are literal breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, mildew, and even fungus. It takes high-quality detergents that are specifically designed to blast through microbial growths to get the kind of clean you're hoping for. Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island has the skill, tools, and determination to perform tile and grout cleaning so effective that it sparkles like new! We want your space to be free of airborne organisms like mold and mildew because that creates a safer living area for you, your family, and your pets.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in RI Like No Other!

Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island knows the importance of keeping your commercial spaces in tip-top shape. Having fresh and clean carpets that are free from stains is imperative because it tells your customers that you take pride in the fine details of your business. Our team of employees who perform commercial carpet cleaning in Rhode Island has all of the modern-day equipment to take on the big task of removing dirt, debris, and stains from highly trafficked areas that are open to the public. Commercial carpet cleaning requires a lot more elbow grease than residential services and we're more than prepared to take on the task.
commercial carpet cleaning in ri
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Dependable Carpet Cleaning in RI for Everyone! 

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Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island likes to make our carpet cleaning services accessible to everyone who wants them. We currently offer everyone carpet cleaning in RI, primarily serving Providence, Portsmouth, Bristol, and Cranston. It is our pleasure to provide epic cleaning services to these service areas and beyond! Remember, we not only perform residential carpet cleaning but also commercial, and our skillset goes far beyond carpet and rug cleaning. We offer tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hardwood floor refinishing services. Our company offers the most competitive prices in the area and we always give our customers a FREE estimate. Give us a call at
(401) 496-9106 today for a no obligations quote. We hope to work with you soon!
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